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World exposition Expo 2017 kicks off in the Kazakhstani capital Astana

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12-06-2017, 12:34

The opening ceremony of the Expo was highlighted by the jaw-dropping fireworks on 9 June, where the head of state received his counterparts and guests of honor. The next day, on Saturday, thousands of foreign and local tourists arrived in the Kazakhstani capital to personally pay a visit to the Expo 2017.

World exposition Expo 2017 kicks off in the Kazakhstani capital Astana

While most of the international pavilions were open, some pavilions weren’t, such as the African pavilion for instance.

Such big pavilions as Japan, China, South Korea and Russia were open for the visitors – each with their own concept for the future energy, however the largest, Kazakhstani pavilion within the sphere, opened one day later on Sunday.

The Kazakhstani pavilion features eight levels each representing an energy source – water, kinetic, biomass, wind, solar, energy of space and the top level portrays the future city of Astana.

All the other international pavilions are offering their solutions and concepts for future energy.

The visitors, the Expo offers snacks and has a few restaurants on the site, not all are yet open but soon they will be.

The Expo will be running until 10 September and the national company in charge promises numerous additional shows, including the Cirque du Soleil, throughout the exhibition.

The tickets start from $ 12 USD and run up to $ 25 USD depending on the ticket type.

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