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Nazarbayev tasks gov’t to improve living standards in state-of-the-nation address

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5-10-2018, 18:01

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev tasked his government to improve the living standards of the people of Kazakhstan, he outlined six priorities that will help assess effectiveness and compliance with the actual positions government officials hold, he said in his 5 October address.

Nazarbayev tasks gov’t to improve living standards in state-of-the-nation address

Kazakhstani political experts agree; the address targets well-being of the citizens with lower incomes.

“To be more precise, the target audience of the state-of-the-nation address are teachers, doctors, villagers, civil servants, and entrepreneurs,” said political expert Erlan Karin as quoted by local media.  

“Thus, today's initiatives will cover millions of Kazakhstanis. It was to them that the president dedicated his message. And they will be the very focus of public policy,” he said.

Nazarbayev tasked the government to raise the minimum wages from 1 January 2019, by 1.5 times. The move, he believes, will affect as many as 1.3 million citizens.

Some 275,000 teachers, doctors, law enforcement agencies and other organizations, which are considered to be low-income jobs in the country will have pay raises.  Their salaries are to grow by an average of 35 percent, according to the president. An annual budget of 258 million USD (as of 5 October) will be allocated to implement the task.

Among other pressing issues addressed by the president were fight against corruption -- he tasked the State Security Committee to pressure possible corrupted government officials; protection of consumer rights -- establishment of a committee for quality control; improvement of the educational system and creation of another university similar to the Nazarbayev University; law-enforcement -- the president encouraged to reduce the responsibilities and compensate it by ensuring law and order.

The six prioritized initiatives outlined by the president are:

  1. Growth of household income
  2. Improvement the quality of life
  3. Creating a comfortable living environment
  4. Ensuring the government focuses on the needs of citizens.
  5. Effective foreign policy
  6. Involvement of each Kazakhstani in the process of transformation in the country
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