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Tourist police to be established in Kazakhstan

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24-09-2018, 15:15

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, migration service chairman Murat Kabdenov, admitted that the local Kazakhstani police some times violate the rights of foreign tourists, Kazakhstani media reported. The ministry is planning to establish tourist police to prevent such cases.

Tourist police to be established in Kazakhstan

“Regarding some negative reviews about the activities of law enforcement agencies. Yes, indeed, such cases do happen. But I would like to note that they happen very rarely. For individual violations, the Ministry, in particular the Department of Homeland Security, is now carrying out official investigations. Employees are subject to disciplinary action. We analyze the situation by receiving complaints from foreign citizens. I would like to report that there are more positive comments than negatives ones," the head of the migration service said.

Kabdenov noted, the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has reviewed the recruitment principles and is now ready to cooperate with the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan to develop and improve the tourism sector.

“We are planning to establish tourist police to enforce them with certain responsibilities working with tourists. We are now studying foreign practices to adopt,” Kabdenov said.

Kazkahstan is the 9th largest by territory country in the world and has a great tourist potential. The government has been trying to diversify its economy and tourism is one of the priority sectors.  

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