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WB: Tajikistan needs to make right choice after opening border with Uzbekistan

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16-07-2018, 14:01


Tajikistan after the opening of the border with Uzbekistan is at the crossroads: either the country gradually begins to shift to the export-oriented economy and will develop in the right direction, or remains dependent on remittances, which carries great risks for further development,the Permanent Representative of the World Bank in Tajikistan Jan-Peter Olters said.

WB: Tajikistan needs to make right choice after opening border with Uzbekistan

He made the remarks during the presentation of the report "The Republic of Tajikistan is a changing regional environment: it is important to benefit” Asia-Plus reported.

He said that after the opening of borders, competition between neighbors increases, to which Tajikistan needs to be prepared.

He stressed that in such a situation Tajik producers should improve their capacities in order to produce high-quality, competitive products.

In this environment, Olters recommends that the government focuses on policy measures that help to create a favorable economic climate, so that companies are confident in their investments for the development of production.

He noted that the Tajik producers have the opportunity to supply their products not only to 9 million people, most of whom are in need, but to larger markets.

The report emphasizes that after almost 15 years of strained relations between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in March of this year, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev made a state visit to Dushanbe.

“This was a historic visit, which served as a signal for a new sample in bilateral political and economic relations. During the visit, the parties signed 27 bilateral agreements on a wide range of cooperation issues, including the joint use of water and energy resources”, said the report.


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