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Political asylum seeker from Kazakhstan and his story

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24-10-2017, 12:00

True friends and partners of Aktobe businessman Askar Kupesov, who asked for political asylum in Europe, do not speak of him kindly. Asking political asylum in Poland, Kupesov said that in Kazakhstan officials want to unreasonably charge with a crime and torture him.

Political asylum seeker from Kazakhstan and his story

The Aktobe-based Public Foundation Open Dialogue of Poland is representing his interests. This young organization, according to official information sources, managed to earn itself a bad reputation in a short time.

The Polish Foreign Ministry recently demanded from the management of the Open Dialogue Foundation reports on its activities and sources of funding. According to the publications of the website, the Polish Foreign Ministry earlier abolished organization’s license for sale of defensive weapons, which it received in 2014, when the Polish Civil Party coalition ruled in Poland.

“Why did the non-governmental organization deserve the attention of the Polish authorities and special services, which declares that it was created in 2009 by people who believe that European values ​​such as individual freedom, human rights, democracy and the right to self-determination should not just be political declarations, and reality?” the writer of the article on the site is wondering.

The Internet portal cites information that the recent activities of the Open Dialogue and its leader Bartosz Kramek raise serious doubts about compliance with the charter of the fund and Polish legislation, including transparency of funding sources.

The Polish media note that the Open Dialog Foundation in recent months has been actively engaged in organizing anti-government demonstrations in Poland, directly calling for the violent overthrow of the current authorities. And on his website Bartosh Kramek published a detailed guide on how to provoke a new “Kyiv Maydan” in Warsaw and get the resignation of the government formed after the democratic elections of 2015.

According to Marek Suski, MP of the Right and Justice Party, as quoted by the portal, many facts point out that foreign parties and organizations are trying to influence the public and political situation in the country through the activities of the Open Dialog Foundation.

“For reasons of national security, the activities of the fund and its leadership should be thoroughly checked,” said Marek Suski.

A well-known Polish sociologist, specialist in information wars, Professor Andrzej Zybertovich does not exclude the fact that the activities of the Foundation affect the interests of Poland's national security.

"It is necessary to distinguish between genuine social movements, whose activities are financed by voluntary contributions from individuals and are conducted with the participation of volunteers, and movements financed by foreign parties who propagandize cultural mirages that are not in accordance with our tradition," said Zybertovich.

And while in Poland there is a dispute over the fund that allowed Askar Kupesov to apply for political asylum, there are people in Kazakhstan who are well aware that the criminal offenses referenced by a runaway businessman are far from being fake.

Owner of a large transport company in Aktobe Mars Kydyralin, the convicted Damir Nagiyev and Askhat Kereyev, as well as local activist Gulzhan Tolemisova, came along together in one story because of the same guy - Kupesov.

Askhat Kereyev is an Aktobe citizen was left without parents in childhood. The boy was brought up by his grandmother. An elderly woman tried to instil the best human qualities in her grandson, to make a real man out of him.

“She should have taught me not to trust anyone,” said 25-year-old man recalling his grandmother’s life teachings.

Askhat Kereyev, in the past - a businessman, is now imprisoned by one of the strictest penitentiaries in Kazakhstan. He is serving time according to the Criminal Code 168/5 for extortion and kidnapping of businessman Mars Kydyralin. He will be released in 2025.

Last summer, the young man together with his childhood friend Damir Nagiyev decided to help a common friend and senior fellow-instructor Askar Kupesov.

“He asked us to help him collect a debt Mars Kydyralin owed him. Allegedly, Mars did not want to return Kupesov’s debt. Askar said that one girl, working for him at a doner shop, also agreed to help him. She had to lure Mars in the Askhat’s apartment, sleep with him, record it all on a video,” says Damir.

Kupesov did not linger with his insidious plan. He arrived at Askhat’s apartment and personally mounted a recording device. He told the girl everything should look like a rape, so that then she could demand money from Kydyralin.

Prior to this, Askhat and Damir tried in their own way to lure Kydyralin to a meeting.

“A few days before the incident, unknown people began to call me and were offering to buy a vacuum cleaner, then a filter for water, then something else. And, as far as I remember the sales-consultants were to come with their goods to the client. And they called me at different addresses and asked me to come myself, and it was assertive that I was apprehensive,” Mars Kydyralin recalls now.

Realizing that the businessman was not so easy to lure, Damir and Askhat agreed to the subtle cunning. It included sending "by mistake" an sms to Kydyralin from that very dummy girl. This move worked. The girl, introducing herself as Karina, wrote a message to Mars, and then she sent another one, and made it seem it was a mistake.

Kydyralin, a family man of age, agreed to a romantic date with the stranger.

The businessman said that once he arrived he was immediately detained by Damir and Askhat. Nagiyev had a pistol with a silencer in his hands, and Askhat had a semi-automatic gun. Later they were joined by Amanzhol Ismagilov and Askar Kupesov.

Later Damir Nagiyev admits that the weapon was a toy.

However, for Kydyralin it was convincing enough to say goodbye to his life.

“They started beating me and demanding 100,000 US dollars. They tied me and poured water through a funnel into my mouth. Then they strangled me with a towel, then the mouth was sealed with tape, kicked all over the body, tortured with an electric shock,” recalls Kydyralin.

And then everything went "not according to the scenario" as Kereyev said, when the businessman removed the towel from the eyes, he saw Ismagilov.

“When I saw Amanzhol, I could not believe my eyes, I've known him for more than ten years. My work is connected with transportation in the fields, and Ismagilov's "fame" in this sphere rattled. He was avoided, tried not to get involved, as he was always rumored that he was beating money out from transport entrepreneurs. I repeatedly crossed paths with him. I asked him: "Amanzhol, is that you?! What did I do to you?!".

Realizing that he was framed, Kereyev refused to participate in the torture of Kydyralin, and began to ask both his friends and the victim whether Kydyralin really owed Kupesov.

“I resisted as best I could. He urged them not to cross the line, not to do what they would then be ashamed of. But when Ismagilov said that he would kill my son, I surrendered,” said Kydyralin.

He dictated the code of his plastic bank card to Damir and Karina, within half an hour, withdrew from the account at the nearest ATM more than 500,000 tenge, and returned to the apartment. In the meantime, Kupesov forced Kydyralin to write a receipt that he ostensibly owed Askhat Kereyev an amount of money.

“The next day they took me to a specialised public service center, where I registered my new off road car to Kereyev, to pay off my alleged debt, and I gave them 5 million tenge,” Kydyralin said.

And only after this, the torturers released Mars. Kupesov and Ismagilov instructed Askhat and Damir to take the victim home. On the way, young people in the presence of the victim destroyed the receipt. And Mars, without thinking twice, turned to law enforcement. However, by the time of detention of four suspects, Askar Kupesov was outside of Kazakhstan. At that moment he was on vacation in Turkey.

The fact that once respected friend and mentor is now in Europe, while Kereyev, Ismagilov and Nagiyev are in prison enrages the trio.

"He also has to be with us in court,” Kereyev said.

According to the prisoners, who earned among the three almost 30 years, they would not have done this, if only they could turn back time.

Mars Kydyralin after the incident now has his own security wherever he does. He also strengthened the security measures for his family members.

"Knowing about Kupesov's statements, I understand perfectly well that a person who has asked for a political refuge in a country should engage in active political activity. But the city is small, and I've never heard of Kupesov's activities in politics," said Kydyralin. “So all his statements are uttermost nonsense.”

None of the local branches of the republican parties and public associations ever heard about Kupesov's political activities. The answers to the inquiries sent to the branches are identical: Askar Kupesov never was in their ranks.

However, the already abolished party "Alga" wished to make an addition. Local activist Gulzhan Tolemisova did not hide the fact that she was approached by Kupesov's relatives.

“One night an unknown woman came to me and introduced herself as wife of Askar Kupesov. She sobbed, and then, having calmed down, declared that her husband Askar wanted to request a political refuge somewhere abroad, and for this they needed a certificate that Kupesov was in the ranks of Alga. I refused, because Askar Kupesov was never a member of us. There aren’t too many of us and I know all by name and in person, but I have never seen Kupesov.

An interesting fact: despite the fact that Askar Kupesov was never among Alga members, in February of this year in Poland the district court in the city of Przemysl refused to extradite Kupesov to Kazakhstan. The main argument was the report of the leader of the Polish NGO "Open Dialogue" Lyudmila Kozlovskaya that Askar Kupesov "is being pursued by the security services of the Republic of Kazakhstan in connection with his political activities".

On what grounds is Kozlovskaya basing her story about Kupesov's belonging to the political movements of Kazakhstan? If on the basis of only the words of the criminal, then the question is just how competent is Lyudmila Kozlovskaya, and in general the whole NGO "Open Dialogue". Or is it not the competence of Kozlovskaya, but the material interest? After all, Askar Kupesov in the Aktobe region was far from being a poor man. After all, it is well known that Lyudmila Kozlovskaya is an active advocate of another rich criminal, the runaway oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov.

The story was translated from Russian by CAD News agency and doesn't express in any way opinion of the agency.


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