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Radical Islamist movements – Central Asian Trojan Horse

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4-10-2017, 13:47

All the radical religious movements, represented by numerous non-governmental organizations and charitable foundations based abroad, will play a huge role in the struggle against radicalization in Central Asia.

Radical Islamist movements – Central Asian Trojan Horse

One of the easiest and best ways to conceal radicalization is through teaching at educational institutions. The biggest number of students leaving to study abroad have only a high diploma or those who failed to enroll to local universities. And then, there are always the gifted youth but with no financial support to pay for the higher education.

Some Islamic universities fully cover all the costs and offer free education for the talented and gifted students. However, often such free education is radically different from the traditional Islam, offering its students the ideology of radicalism.

For example, the Turkish fund Imkander offers assistance to the needy Muslims. The fund provides food to Takfiri followers. But most of all they like to support the oppressed believers - supporters of radical movement of Islam from the CIS.

Numerous Saudi Arabian, Emirati, Bahraini educational institutions offer free education and provide full financial support during the years of studies. In return, they ask the students not to enroll in any other higher education institutions.

Many such funds or their “business partners” have long settled in the countries of Central Asia and are quite openly propagating the Salafi ideology, while building mosques and madrassas.

Some pro-Salafi or pro-Wahhabi centres finance projects and support radical Islamist movements. However, all this is guised under humanitarian and educational assistance.

Radicalization in the countries of Central Asia will continue growing, both local and foreign experts note.

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